Friday, September 1, 2017

A foreboding of Eskimo Records / Lust Vessel in summer gush

GRIM "Discharge Mountain" Cassette

Following the full-length album Orgasm released on Tesco Organisation to coincide with the first European show at the festival Will To Power:Electronics II in 2016, GRIM has been just back with a mini-album entitled Discharge Mountain which contains brand new 4 tracks recorded solo by Jun Konagaya, a mastermind of GRIM, during Spring Equinox 2017 in Japan.

The incarnation of the Guerrilla Ritual Mystique

This limited cassette edition produced by Eskimo Records in association with Lust Vessel, and specially released in time for the show for Experimental Free Recording at Sakuradai Pool in Tokyo, 23th July 2017. 

This cassette edition will be officially launched into the public field worldwide on 1st September coinciding with the 10 inch vinyl edition which is releasing on the classic French label Athanor.

NB: Lust Vessel Distribution is the flag source/shop for this cassette edition.

For ordering, please write to L.T.A. (the gatekeeper for our mail-order) via lustvesseldistro [at] gmail [dot] com or purchase from our online catalog here.

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[ t r a c k l i s t ]
A1. Discharge Mountain [放電山]
A2. Summons [召喚]
B1. Godess Moth [天虫]
B2. Nine [九]

[ n o t e s ]
Recorded by Jun Konagaya in Japan Spring Equinox
Mastered by Lily Vice at Sacred Lust Studio
Artwork by Jun Konagaya
Design and Layout by Lily Vice
Production directed by Lust Vessel
Exclusively distributed via Lust Vessel Distribution


P.S. Some more updates might be taken shot from the battery of Lust Vessel & our consanguinity soon or later...

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Thee legendary German industrial fortress TESCO ORGANISATION has just released an ultimate compilation "Projekt Neue Ordnung II".

LEBENSFADEN, one of our Lust Vessel lineage, joins the force with an exclusive track, among with international elites and realms from the living industrial culture with no compromise.

Official description as below


TESCO 111: VARIOUS ARTISTS "Projekt Neue Ordnung II" 4xLP BOX

Projekt Neue Ordnung was the 1st and only Compilation done by Tesco Organisation. It was released in 1990.

2017 is the year of Tesco's mail-order 30 years anniversary. Like at that time this compilation features contemporary and new projects. Some projects that you might have never heard of before, or you will never hear of after. It combines artists that are currently producing high class material off which we never had the chance for a full-length release before and bands that are awaiting the listeners attention and highly deserve it. The project is an international one and has started with its compiling in late 2015 - now is the time! All bands are presenting their view on Projekt Neue Ordnung and have supplied some magnificent artwork assembled in DIN A4 fullcolor booklet. The music presented here ranges from abstract concrete sounds, dark drone ambience, post industrial, power electronics to noise music. As multi-shaped as it is, it is!

Compilations have been the main entrance to new projects, to extend the musical knowledge and  give room to new concepts. We wish this time to come back and have now presented our idea of how it can be... 

Am Not, Alfarmania, Ausströmen, Body Cargo, Cadlag, Deathpanel, Dust Belt, Geography Of Hell, Graustich, Griefer, Grunt, Ill, Jaakko Vanhala, Ke/Hil, K.I.A., Lebensfaden, :M:, Pain Nail, Puce Mary, Ptertgium, Rope Society, Rusalka, Rusha, Salford Electronics, Screloma, Shift, S.T.A.B. Electronics, Svartvit, The Trainables, Totraum, Wertham.

The box presentation follows the graphical art of the PROJEKT NEUE ORDNUNG I - the printed  box houses the 4 LPs including a lavish printed full color A4 booklet and is numbered to only 500 copies. Nearly 160 minutes of music that awaits your exploration.

notes for
"SELBSTGESPRÄCH: Colloquy With A Reaper Behind The Eye"
written by Lebensfaden

Possessed, recorded and mixed by Lebensfaden at Lebensfaden at Lebensritze in 2016

Mastered by Lily Vice at Sacred Lust Studio

Artwork on the booklet:
Original xerography, typography, design and layout by Lily Vice

. . . . . . . . . . . . .




Also should be available at each contributor and their headquarters/mail-orders such as ...

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Hospital Productions
Kult Of Nihilow
Posh Isolation
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Thursday, March 1, 2012


:   L U S T   V E S S E L   :
* LV#001: GAZE CAMPAIGN "Gestalt Bruise" CS w/Booklet
* LV#002: KARASYOZOKU "Mischievous Sigyn 1923" CS w/Booklet
* LV#003: TONGUE KNAX "Sacrosanct Pearl Skin" CS w/
* LV#004: POLAR MOLDMENTOUS "Meat Chamber After All" CS w/
* LV#005: RHIZOME ANGLE NAKED CODA "Meteor Bones' Carnival" CS w/Insert
* LV#006: LEBENSFADEN "Die Vollendete Schönheit" CS w/
* LV#007: BURRIED MACHINE "Aoral Portion" CS w/Insert
* LV#008: GEOGRAPHY OF HELL "Sarajevo 1992" CS w/Booklet
* LV#009: POLAR MOLDMENTOUS "Forbidden Recitation" CS w/

* LV#011: TONGUE KNAX "Venus" CS w/2 Prints
* LV#012: JOEL DANIELSSON "The Death of the Grey Wolf / Resurrection of the King" CS w/Print
* LV#014: ARV & MILJÖ "Antropocen" CS w/Booklet & Print
* LV#015: PHURPA "Wal Phur Nag Po" CS w/Print
* LV#016: GRIM "Vital 1983-86" CS w/Booklet
* LV#017: GRIM "Divine Music for Sleeping + Field 1987" CS w/Booklet
* LV#018: KNÆKKEDE STEMMER "Andet Portræt" CS w/5 Prints
* LV#019: NETO "Énumération de ZAMVOLI / Mouille rêve de CARAVOLI" CS w/3 Prints

:   e d i t i o n   N i L   :
* POLAR MOLDMENTOUS "Desperate In Nirvana" CS

:   L E B E N S L I N I E   K A S S E T T E N   :
* LEBEN 002: ULTIMASTANZA "A Jewel In A Dunghill" CS
* LEBEN 003: LEBENSFADEN "Ein Sättigung Der Leere" CS

:   L e b e n s f e d e n ' s   s e l f   r e l e a s e d   :
* LEBENSFADEN "Besessenheit" CS
* LEBENSFADEN "Ein Sättigung Der Leere" CS

:   S T I F F   S A N C T O R U M   :
* STIFF I: TONGUE KNAX "Maxim For Subjugation" CS
* STIFF IV: HEDONIC SERGE "Somatoscopy: Mode of Male Pleasure" CS
* STIFF V: ULTIMASTANZA "Total Preoccupancy In Pleasant Silence" 
* STIFF VI: THE RITA "Dark Eye Makeup For The Stage" CS w/3 Prints
* STIFF VII: KAKERLAK "Among The Minutiae" CS w/Print

:   t a t t r a s y a   l a k S a N a m   p r e s s   :
* TLP-001: PARIJNA "The Age Of Scentless Imperiment" CS

:   V I V A   L A   M O R T E   !   :
* MORTE-ONE: ULTIMASTANZA "Corpse Talk For The Downright Passiveness" CS

:   L u s t   V e s s e l   l i n e a g e   r e l a t e d   t i t l e s   :
* TONGUE KNAX "Sarcomerge: Stiff Edition" CS (Trapeze Tapes)
* TONGUE KNAX "Thee Grand Fidelity" CS (Second Sleep)
* MORDANT KARMA "Profane Libido" CS (Trapeze Tapes)
* MORDANT KARMA "Devour" CS (White Centipede Noise)
* VARIOUS ARTISTS "Pundartugg - Argot Bruit" double CS (Styggelse)
     - feat. Gaze Campaign, Wertham, Blood Ov Thee Christ, Kakerlak, Västerbottens Romska Råd, Mirrors Are Black, Sewer Election,
                   Alfarmania, Jarl, Sick Seed, Danger Hilton, Tongue Knax, Burial Hex, Ochu, Public Execution, Harsh Judgement, Bestializer,
                   Gilles De Rais Order, Fecalove, Regim, Cock Tribe, Barba Amarilla, Treriksröset, Blisterpack, Vehm, Xenophobic Ejaculation,
                   Blådåre, Clew Of Theseus.
* VARIOUS ARTISTS "White Eye Of Winter Watching" 2xCS (Hospital Productions)
     - feat. Genocide Organ, FFH, Gaze Campaign, Deathpile, Whorebutcher, Consumer Electronics, Mlehst, ASM, Mangled Clit, Viodre,
                   Forcible Confinement, Sutcliffe Jugend/Prurient, Controlled Bleeding, Anti-Aquarian, NON, Contrepoison, Militia, Alberich,
                   Bus De La Lum, Vatican Shadow, The Grey Wolves, Ethnic Acid, Ames Sanglantes, Lussuria, Sleepchamber, Smell & Quim,
                   Anal Drill, Ahlzagailzehguh, Cloister, Karasyozoku, Age Of Enlightenment, Human Liberation Technology, Geography Of Hell,
                   HIV Corner, Praying For Oblivion, Outermost, Incapacitants, Exploring Jezebel, Thirdorgan, Ramleh, Stillbirth, Spastic Colon,
                   Flutter, Sickness, Gasolineman, Deterge, Yellow Tears, K.P., The Haters, Emil Beaulieau, Blackhumor, Con-Dom.
* VARIOUS ARTISTS "Angst" CS (Angoisse)
     - feat. Mirrored Hall, Kam Hassah, Lebensfaden, Arv & Miljö.
* VARIOUS ARTISTS "Eros" 4xCS Box (A Dear Girl Called Wendy)
     - feat. Tongue Knax, Mordant Karma, Arv & Miljö, Blodvite, Endless Sea, Elisha Morningstar, Skingraft, Developer.
* VARIOUS ARTISTS "顛陣 (Ten-Jin)" LP (Urashima)
     - feat. Tongue Knax, Thug-Ribs, Mordant Karma, Les Champs Magnétiques, Ultimastanza, Lebensfaden.
* VARIOUS ARTISTS "Resistance And Self-Destruction Are Synonymous" CS (New Forces)
     - feat. Ahlzagailzehguh, Developer, Plague Mother, The Rita, Drug Age, Kazuma Kubota, Wince, Action/Discipline, Encephalophonic,
                   Mordant Karma, Heinz Hopf, Being.
* VARIOUS ARTISTS "Projekt Neue Ordnung II :" 4xLP Box (Tesco Organisation)
     - feat. Am Not, Alfarmania, Ausströmen, Body Cargo, Cadlag, Deathpanel, Dust Belt, Geography Of Hell, Graustich, Griefer, Grunt, Ill,
                   Jaakko Vanhala, Ke/Hil, K.I.A., Lebensfaden, :M:, Pain Nail, Puce Mary, Ptertgium, Rope Society, Rusalka, Rusha,
                  Salford Electronics, Screloma, Shift, S.T.A.B. Electronics, Svartvit, The Trainables, Totraum, Wertham.

:   C o v e r i n g   p r o d u c t s   m a n u f a c t u r e d   b y   L u s t   V e s s e l   :
* THE GEROGERIGEGEGE "1985 Unreleased Recording" CS (Eskimo Records)
     - bonus tape for "Moenai Hai (燃えない灰)" CD released on Eskimo Records
     - exclusively distributed via Lust Vessel Distribution
* GRIM "Discharge Mountain" CS (Eskimo Records)
     - co-produced with Eskimo Records
     - exclusively distributed via Lust Vessel Distribution