Saturday, February 22, 2014

顛陣 (Ten-Jin) from URASHIMA

An intransigent compilation LP "Ten-Jin", featuring six acts from Lust Vessel linage and comrades, has been released on Urashima.

Here is official description as below.


uma 066: VARIOUS "顛陣 (Ten Jin)" LP

Remarkable subterranean radicals have been getting to enter the stage since mid-late 2000's via the label LUST VESSEL and the lineage, which are actual fisrt ever fulcrum of genuine industrial cassette culture and the actuality in Japan, after a long period of the mostly scorched ground for that culture from the far east.

This is a document of an aspect of thee lust-age and the assembly, featuring six assassins which are true to themselves and standing on their own territories.

TONGE KNAX; a hard-core sensual stiletto from Stiff Sanctorum

THUG RIBS; the mastermind of the savage tribe Rhizome Angle Naked Coda
MORDANT KARMA; a pulverizer marks pure filth of an instinct
LES CHAMPS MAGNÉTIQUES; an elusive and touchy trapezist
ULTIMASTANZA; postmortem principle based on necrophiliac view
LEBENSFADEN; heavy electronics oppression though post clinical analysis

All acts contribute exclusive tracks for the album.

: The blood says more than the mouth :

Artwork by Lily Vice.

Executive direction by LUST VESSEL.

The record has been pressed on 140 gr black vinyl with black label and black inner sleeve and comes in a deluxe silver silkscreen on black cardboard sleeve, limited to 99 copies w/A4 sized insert in luxury 160 gr ivory paper.


Sold out at Urashima and several official distributors immediately.

We still stock last few copies and available for purchase via Lust Vessel Distribution directly - one copy per customer/first come first served basis.

NOTICE: Our artist copies also have been just gone; all the orders/pre-orders until 3:00 am (Japan time) have been reserved and will reply to each asap.

For those who missed out the copy, following official distributors, Tesco Organisation (Germany), Freak Animal Records (Finland), Tordon Ljud (Sweden), Terror (Lithuania) and Self Abuse Records (USA) might still stock; they are all reliable accomplices in our crime, handling our actual Lust Vessel titles in their catalog. Also some the other distros has been aslo stocked.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Our new mail-order sect LUST VESSEL DISTRIBUTION is launched.

Just step into here and enjoy digging and seeking.

Previous blogspot is still active for the announcements of LVD activities.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Massive four cassette compilation box "EROS" has been just released on A Dear Girl Called Wendy, featuring two of our lineage TONGUE KNAX and MORDANT KARMA, and also BLODVITE and ARV&MILJÖ from Sweden, ENDLESS SEA and ELISHA MORNINGSTAR from Italy, SKIN GRAFT and DEVELOPER from the U.S.

Here is official description as below.

WE25: VVAA - EROS - 4xCS

8 artists, 4 tapes for almoust 2 hours of unsustainable harsh noise.
Tounge Knax, Mordant Karma from Japan, Blodvite and Arv & Miljo from Sweden, Elisha Morningstar, Endless Sea from Italy, Skingraft, Developer from USA. 
Each artist explains his idea of eros, the relationship between lovers, the power of physical and mental attraction.
Limited to 100, black tapes, black and white artwork, 5 postcards inside.


Sold out via A Dear Girl Called Wendy and all the official distributors.

We have just restocked very last copies. please visit Lust Vessel Distribution for purchase.
Otherwise try to ask each act directly.

Friday, February 8, 2013


This is the assault wave of our publications for 2013.
We Lust Vessel HQ bring five cassettes from three newborn labels steering by our comrades.
Hold your breath.


 - The first cassette for 2013 from Lebensfaden, one of the delegate of Lust Vessel lineage, and also this is a birth proclamation of the label Lebenslinie Kassetten operating by Lebensfaden.
   "DESNOS" delivers heavily bleakness, sympathetic vibrations captured extremely anguished mental state which is abruptly yet constantly squeezed like a wedge into a tight space dangling stygian curtains.
   One hundred percent industrial depression constructed with analog synths and devices as Lebensfaden's trademark, and the material is ongoing in anti-dramatic territory. The stench assumes serious proportions lurking with rich and dense shades in minimal decomposition.
   As title just talks its own, this is based on Disorders of extreme stress not otherwise specified, a psychiatric injury which has not been yet formally categorized in DSM or ICD.
   Striktly limited to 130 copies.
 --- sold out

LEBEN 002: ULTIMASTANZA "A Jewel In A Dunghill" C32
 - Lebenslinie Kassetten summons a second blessing "A Jewel In A Dunghill" from this promising initiate of LV lineage Ultimastanza as the second publication of the label.
   Continuance of lustful vehement for another perfect doll (for author), which is akin to the debut cassette "Total Preoccupancy In Pleasant Silence" issued on Stiff Sanctorum in 2012. A sonic amalgam decomposed with ferocious feedback corrosion and the tremendous gravy as ceaseless wriggles beyond pleasures. Ingenuous behavior of manic state. Vigorous heat for taciturnity.
   Limited to 113 copies.
 --- sold out

LEBEN 003: LEBENSFADEN "Ein Sättigung Der Leere" C32
 - Reissue of out-of-print cassette previously released in 2011.
   Not officially described at first issue, and yet this is a direct evidence of 3.11 and all the material were actually recorded in 10th - 14th March 2011, as a prognostication and a memorandum of the first psychological impression/impact on actual experience of the great earthquake.
   Contains two long projected sound sculptures of the vanity of mankind. Somberly structured and bleak electronics drawn with analog synths, electric devices and latent sequences through pessimistic view.
   Respiratory movement in a void.
   Profession: This is not a hypocritical requiem but a precise document on a highly personal level as a testerg.
   Strictly limited to 31 copies for those who missed out on an original self-released edition. Comes with slightly updated artwork with actual title for each track and the recording notes on an extra panel.
   This edition is exclusively available via Lust Vessel Distribution.
 --- sold out

: tattrasya lakSaNam press :

TLP-001: PARIJNA "The Age Of Scentless Imperiment" C22
 - Parijna has been best hidden secret even in our land until today, but the man behind Gaze Campaign invites this act to LV lineage with confidence through this foudroyant debut cassette on author's own label tattrasya lakSaNam press.
   This first suggestion chants two pieces of profusely blooming industrial apocaypse bleeding from this nether world on which we actually stand. Carefully composed with heavy electronics breathing, gurgitation-like electronic roars, exotic yet industrialized percussion and auroral phrases.
   "Look out everyday things at the window, and look back your feet.
   That's the path you were walking and the limits of we humankind's perspective.
   You encounter a ringleader there, and then you see what "The Age Of Scentless Imperiment" is."
   Strictly limited to 108 copies.
 --- sold out


MORTE-ONE: ULTIMASTANZA "Corpse Talk For The Downright Passiveness" C32
 - The first release ever from this brand new label Viva La Morte ! steering by Ultimastanza for a private playground.
   "Corpse Talk For The Downright Passiveness" steps into scene-oriented immorality, operated with magnetic tapes and degenerate electronics devices. Slightly differs from previous publications in texture and pulls up more gravity than velocity through the unbudging necrophiliac view.
   A monotonous hymn for s dirge, dragging a body bag around a quagmire under a flock of ravens.
   Strictly limited to 96 copies.
 --- sold out

- - -

All layout/art direction and audio mastering by Lily Vice.
All titles come with traditional xerox printed and elaborately hand-assembled 3 panel heavy cardstock papers.
All cassettes duplicated at real-time to highest quality Type II/chrome tapes at Sacred Lust Studio, JAPAN.

Lebenslinie Kassetten, tattrasya lakSaNam press and Viva La Morte ! products are produced, manufactured and distributed by Lust Vessel, JAPAN.

To place an order, write to lustvessel[at]gmail[dot]com.
NOTICE: All prices exclude postage cost. No trades in principle.

Following reliable accomplices stock above our titles officially.

Lust Vessel Distribution (Japan), Autarkeia (Lithuania), Beläten (Sweden), Freak Animal Records (Finland),
Järtecknet (Sweden), Malignant Records (USA), Peripheral Records (UK), Self Abuse Records (USA),
Tesco Organisation (Germany), Terror (Lithuania), Total Black (Canada).

Friday, January 11, 2013

New years has come to this hell to be worth slaughter...
Do not be passive not to be buried alive...
Wish you will be tough.

Another update should be announced with new cassettes from our comrades closely related to Lust Vessel.

Also two of our core projects and the doctrine Gaze Campaign and Karasyozoku should finally appear with uncompromising full-length albums on Lust Vessel at some point in this year.

As well as planed for a bunch of publications from definitive militants and the outlaws not only from Japan but also international acts on Lust Vessel. And new-line for archival series for unreleased/out-of-print/rare material from seminal generations of postmortem should be establish on Lust Vessel.

More detail should be announced when the time comes.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


A compilation tape ANGST has been just released on Angoisse, featuring one of Lust Vessel rosters LEBENSFADEN, and also three engaging acts ARV&MILJÖ, KAM HASSAH and MIRRORED HALL.

Check the official Angoisse site

Completely sold out from us.

v/a - angst

angoisse confirms it's belief that a new landscape is beginning to emerge from the alchemy in sacrificial paradox and the purity of distance to present ANGST...

a v/a quadriptych featuring what we consider four of the most interesting projects worldwide that are active today and working in the fields of experimental music:


A four way ode to that which is desensitized by its unequal exposure to the sunken memories that radiate inside one's head. The stress fractures of a shaven crystal. A whisper of static, debris floating up. A faint breeze to turn the flame away.

c42 - two tracks per side. comes w/ insert.


Saturday, October 27, 2012


STIFF SANCTORUM is officially launched with five massive results embodying male persuasion.

STIFF I: TONGUE KNAX "Maxim For Subjugation" C32
- Brand new explosive seminal violence from Tongue Knax.
  This maxim delivers massively engaging quintessence of berserk dynamics and the brawny strength, strictly combined with gyrating feedback, buried throat raids, lustfully pulsating low-end electronics and semi-aerosol metal clank.
  Another agrius discipline and the perfection from the notorious sanctum. No mercy.
  Strictly limited to 130 copies.
  - sold out

- Official reissue of debut and sole material previously ejaculated in a limited edition of just 13 copies from Sodom in Texas, Bitewerks in 2007.
  Rigid domination with piercing knifelike high-frequency feedback abuse deriving fissures and spasmodic vokills. Simple as male urge, yet should smash also asphalt cunts.
  Remastered from original master tape. Comes with slightly updated artwork.
  Program repeats on both sides.
  Strictly limited to 130 copies.
  - sold out

- Third proclamation by an outstanding bravo from the bowels of Japan.
  Mordant Karma is the definitive successor of Japanese class die-hard noise purity, and seizing forces to purge the reverie of the golden age. Lays the magnum thirst bare with high-density explosively erecting roars w/o frills from a libidinous abyss. Thee dependable heavy weight filth. Cutthroat grade.
  Strictly limited to 113 copies.
  - sold out

STIFF IV: HEDONIC SERGE "Somatoscopy: Mode of Male Pleasure" C32
- Hedonic Serge is an investigator for Sexology.
  "Somatoscopy: Mode of Male Pleasure" is the first aural effort and the report, presents two semi-long pieces with each different texture of sensual/orgasmic fibers, constructed by means of analog tapes synthesis and the manipulation with heavily layered feedback fluctuations, insidious loops, scrap metal fricatives and pulsating electronics.
  Reliable substance of psychological progress with physical actions in actual arousal of the male line.
  Strictly limited to 113 copies.
  - sold out

STIFF V: ULTIMASTANZA "Total Preoccupancy In Pleasant Silence" C32
- Official debut material from this new comrades of our trench.
  Do we have to make love only with livings?
  Ultimastanza clearly answers to above question holding up the firm faith in stride.
  This first confession is overflowing with prodigious electromagnetic blasts transcribes a huge amalgam of obscene delight and steady enthusiasm for a brilliant corpse, and also the resonances from the partner. Stays honest as with natural law.
  Strictly limited to 113 copies.
  - sold out

- - -

All layout/art direction and audio mastering by Lily Vice.
All titles come with traditional xerox printed and elaborately hand-assembled 3 panel heavy cardstock papers.
All cassettes duplicated at real-time to highest quality Type II/chrome tapes at Sacred Lust Studio, JAPAN.

STIFF SANCTORUM products are produced, manufactured and distributed by Lust Vessel, JAPAN.

To place an order, write to lustvessel[at]gmail[dot]com.
NOTICE: All prices exclude postage cost. No trades in principle.

Following reliable accomplices stock above our titles officially.

Lust Vessel Distribution (Japan), Armed Isolation (USA), Autarkeia (Lithuania), Freak Animal Records (Finland), Järtecknet (Sweden), Malignant Records (USA), Neconeco Records (Japan), Peripheral Records (UK),
Nuit Et Brouillard (France), Self Abuse Records (USA), Tesco Organisation (Germany), Terror (Lithuania),
WGM Tapes & Vinyl (USA), White Centipede Noise (USA).